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We understand our customers have many choices when it comes to vendors who can supply technology products and services.  What sets Premier Sourcing Network apart is our attention to detail, even the small details.  We pride ourselves on working just as hard on the small orders as we would on any larger opportunity.  We believe that if our customers cannot trust us on the small requirements, how can they ever trust us on larger, more critical requirements.  We know that EVERY TIME a customer comes to PSN with a request we must perform and prove ourselves, and we need to do so in a friendly and professional manner.  We hope you will put us to the test with a future requirement.



Premier Sourcing Network is committed to providing only the highest quality products to our customers.  In today's global marketplace there are nearly endless avenues to source technology equipment.  However, not all of the available options are safe and secure, even when the price seems right.  Therefore, although we are committed to offering the most competitive prices possible, we will never ship any products that put our customer's infrastructure at risk.  All of our vendors have the same quality commitment, so you can rest assured that when you place an order with Premier Sourcing, the quality will meet your security standards and expectations.

Premier Sourcing Network is a provider of information technology products and services to federal, state & local government, prime contractor, and education clients, with an emphasis on sourcing hard-to-find (end-of-life) products.  We are in business to make product sourcing easier for our customers, and our industry expertise and experience, along with our strong, Midwestern work-ethic, gives us the tools and drive to do just that.  We hope you will let our knowledgeable and trained experts help with the selection and sourcing of your I.T. commodities so that you are able to focus more on what makes your business great.  


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